We welcome inquiries about joining the lab. Our group is highly multidisciplinary, and is home to students and postdocs from diverse fields, ranging from physical and engineering sciences, to molecular and cell biology, as well as those with a background in mathematics or statistics. For all inquiries, please email Michael Häusser (m.hausser@ucl.ac.uk). 

Postdoctoral positions

We aim to attract ambitious, hardworking postdocs interested in attacking major challenges in neuroscience. There are a range of funding opportunities available. 

We currently have a postdoctoral position available for a project involving the use of the revolutionary new Neuropixels probes as part of the International Brain Laboratory. For more information, contact Michael Häusser (m.hausser@ucl.ac.uk).

PhD positions

Most PhD students  join the lab by enrolling in one of UCL's outstanding 4-year PhD programmes, such as the 4-year PhD Programme in Neuroscience; the CoMPLEX PhD programme, the Gatsby Unit PhD Programme, or the MRC Doctoral Training Account.  If you are not eligible for these programmes, or would like to make an informal inquiry prior to making an application, please get in touch. 


We welcome applications from UCL students interested in doing a final-year project in the lab. We also welcome candidates for lab internships throughout the year; those interested in doing a summer project in the lab should contact us well in advance of the deadlines for summer studentship applications from the Wellcome Trust and the Physiological Society.